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Affordable albums and photos
with augmented reality!

Augmented Reality (AR) is a technology that expands our world, adding to him interactive features. Live albums and photos from AR let you see what you can before could only imagine. Point the camera at the image and it will come to life!

The free AlbumAR app works with graduation albums for kindergarten, school or university. Live photos look very impressive in wedding albums and photo books, thematic albums: love stories, baptism, birthday, first year, anniversary ...

The application’s capabilities are not limited to albums. The application can be used with any printed matter: posters, calendars, postcards or printed photographs.

How It Works?


Install application

To view Augmented Reality, install the free AlbumAR app. Go to one of the Google Play, App Store, AppGallery or Galaxy Store using the corresponding QR code on the image or album cover. Or use the links below.

Google Play App Store

App Gallery


Read QR Code

Launch the application and read the QR code from the image or cover of your album. To download Augmented Reality You need Wi-Fi / 3G/4G mobile Internet and enough free space on your device.


Point your device at the image

In albums, all photos with augmented reality are marked with a special icon. Enjoy the magic!

Pointing the camera at the photo in the album - the photo will come to life!

Enjoy live photos even after decades!

Be the first to use technologies that will soon become familiar.


1. Install application AlbumAR

2. Point the app camera at the QR code

3. Wait for the album to load and point the camera at the photo. Enjoy the magic!

Album AR Exlimg1
Album AR Exlimg2
Album AR Exlimg3
Album AR Exlimg4
Album AR Exlimg5

Augmented reality will forever change your mind about graduation albums!

Look at familiar things in a whole new way.


Album AR
Album AR
Album AR
Album AR
Album AR
Album AR
Album AR
Album AR

Unrealistic real albums for every taste!

Do you want the cover art in your album? Easy!


Friends! Despite the uniqueness of our offer, augmented reality, it is not luxury, and affordable to everyone, incredibly cool and exciting thing!

See for yourself.

Graduation album +AR


Album - 600 uah

Polygraphy - thin sheets

Lamination Pages

Format: 20x30, 16 pages

Studio and visiting
photo session - 1 look

AR - 100 uah

Live photos - up to 10 pcs

Duration - up to 30 seconds

700 uah


Album - 650 uah

Photobook - thick sheets

(printing + lamination)

20x30, 8 turns

Studio and visiting
photo session - 2 look

AR - 150 uah

Live photos - up to 30 pcs

Duration - up to 45 seconds

800 uah


Album - 750 uah

Photobook - thick sheets

(printing - FUJI photo paper)

20x30, 8 turns

Studio and visiting
photo session - 3 look

AR - 200 uah

Live photos - up to 60 pcs

Duration - up to 60 seconds

950 uah

The price of the album may vary depending on your wishes.

Augmented reality is ordered individually - by desire.

All photos and videos are post-processed. Live photos are not have restrictions on downloads and views. The warranty on the safety of files is 50 years.

Group photo +AR

Ordered less than
50% of the class

145 uah

Ordered up to
75% of the class

115 uah

Ordered over
75% of the class

95 uah

The price includes printing 20x30 photos. The price is for one photo.

The calendar +AR

190 uah

The price includes printing a calendar format 30x45.

Free Augmented Reality Presentation
Anywhere place for you!


  • Why do I need an augmented reality album? How are they interesting?

    • The graduation album is fond memories stored in a book that you will be leafing through for many years. later, returning to his school years. And the augmented reality graduation album is a living guide. according to the recollections of school years. Time and time again you will enjoy watching interviews, wishes and funny tricks of classmates.

  • What is needed for AR? I have never shot a video, can I do it?

    • We have prepared detailed instructions for working with augmented reality. After reviewing it, you will surely succeed. And if you still have questions, we will be happy to answer them.

  • How reliable is the AlbumAR app?

    • We have developed our own application for immersion in augmented reality, and like no one else, we are interested in the longevity of its existence. The application will be available as long as Google Play and the App Store exist. AlbumAR application has a 64 bit version. And this is very important because in the near future, support for 32-bit software in Google Play and the App Store will completely disappear.

  • This is all incredibly cool! How much does it cost?

    • Despite the uniqueness of the offer, we offer augmented reality at absolutely affordable prices.
      For photographers: 1,00 USD for one live photo.
      For graduates: from 4,20 to 8.,40 USD, depending on the printed product. And this is subject to video shooting!

  • So what? Will I really get a free augmented reality sample?

    • Yes Yes! Completely free we will make a sample with augmented reality. Plus, we offer our assistance in the installation of rollers for free. We are interested in giving the best to our customers, and make luxury affordable for everyone.

  • What are the guarantees that everything will work in a few years?

    • All your files are carefully stored on Amazon servers - this is the world's largest data storage service. We guarantee 50 years of safety and availability of all your augmented reality files.

  • It sounds, of course, tempting, but will there be a demand for such albums?

    • Practice shows that 90% of customers interested in buying their graduation album are happy to acquire augmented reality.

  • Why is it worth to order AR from us?

    • Well, at least because we are the only studio in Ukraine that offers affordable albums with augmented reality :).
      But seriously, we will absolutely free make you a sample with AR (10 photos as a gift).. You do not need to understand the technical aspects of creating AR, and in the complex interfaces of video editors - we will do everything ourselves. No installations of additional programs, online cabinets and other difficulties. You can make changes and edits for free. We have unlimited video duration. There are no viewing restrictions. Unlimited product duplication. And, of course, a great price!

Why can we be trusted?

Album AR Slide1

Hello, my name is Alexander Kalyuzhny. I am an inspirer, designer and one of the founders Studio "Photowork", which was founded in 2009. For over 10 years, the studio has successfully provides services in the field of photography, graduation, wedding and thematic albums.

During this time, more than one hundred thousand graduates left school, taking with them to adulthood childhood memories captured on the pages of our graduation albums. For all the time of our existence, we do not have a single negative feedback about our work. You can easily verify this by typing the appropriate query in the search engines.

Album AR Slide2

Back in 2009 I was a pioneer in the production of such familiar today printing and classic graduation albums, which have become bestsellers. The albums "Persona" and "Gloss" were copied hundreds of times by photographers and designers from all over the Russian Internet.

And now, after 10 years, I proudly want to present you my new project - AlbumAR! Live photos of the future! This is an opportunity to revive any photo! Fantasy is not limited by anything! Postcards, calendars, portrait, group and family photos, graduation and wedding albums can become alive.

Album AR Slide3

By the AlbumAR project, I almost started to engage in rock 2019 and the axis of winnings, on the spot, of completions. At the realization of what was conceived, we got to know the rіk. Dovgo, say you? So dogo. Ale I sound Robiti everything is clear and high. So they just shook me. Mostly robotic, then dirt і on the table. Schob through dozens of rocky vie takozh radily yakostі our products, and mi - your positive v_dgukami!

All graphical and video files, please give us information for further development reality, mi zberіgaєmo on Amazon S3 - a service for zbіrіgannya i zhistu be-yaky obyagіv danykh. Termin Ondi servisu Amazon at Denmark the moment to become 50 rock. I, Obov'yazkovo, Buda promotions in Maybuty. Your files will be available for viewing on mobile annexes dozens of rock.

Album AR Slide1

The application will be available as long as Google and Apple exist. AlbumAR has 64x bit version. And it is very important! For those who do not follow the news, I’ll inform you that already In the near future, support for 32-bit software on Google Play and the App Store will completely disappear.

The application has been successfully tested by Google and Apple. It can be downloaded for free at Google Play and the App Store.

From a technical point of view, I tried to do everything as efficiently and professionally as possible, because AlbumAR is my pride, which, I am sure, will soon conquer the world! :-)

Album AR Slide1

We don’t shout about ourselves in paid advertisements, because our reputation speaks for us. From year to year, parents order from us albums for their children who grow up before our eyes, moving from kindergarten to school, and then to higher education institutions.

The photo will no longer be the same. She becomes an interlocutor who talks about your life and this is the future!

If you have any questions about the project, call me: +38 050-908-84-68 and I will be happy to answer them!


Ukraine, Kharkov, st. Pushkinskaya, 79, 4th floor, office 7.

Opening hours: Monday-Friday from 10:00 to 18:00, without a break.

+38 050 908-84-68